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Nova Aerospace is a fictional german-american aerospace manufacturer, space transportation services and communications corporation founded in 2008 and became a space agency of a fictional country (which I will not name to avoid any comments on the.. name) in the year 2037. They are highly funded and would be a nice competitor to Reaction Engines Limited, SpaceX and Blue Origin if they existed irl. Unlike most companies, Nova Aerospace hates wasting resources and basically goes all in to make launch vehicles as cheap, reliable and reusable as possible, the only time they don't do this is with their older launch vehicles.

For the time being, I am an amateur SimpleRockets 2 User still trying to learn more about the game. I make rockets, SSTOs and whatever else I feel like making for an alternate universe that can stretch up to the year 2082 in timeline, all of my creations are used on Realistic Solar System so there is no guarantee that they will work as intended in the droo system. I care more about quality than quantity so it may take days or weeks for me to make and upload a new craft. Also expect use of XML editing and tinker panel

I write wikipedia article style descriptions for my crafts and all of them strictly use either real or conceptual technology. Sometimes I spend hours or days researching the plausibility and practicality of a certain piece of technology such as the Bussard Ramjet.

My creations are very overpowered for the Juno System so if you want stock system optimized craft you can download them from my other account:

I am leading a community moonbase! If you're interested at all join my Discord Server

Previously known as NuclearTaco