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I am [No longer!] a mobile-device player for SR2, and I have both SR1 and SimplePlanes. There's not really much to say about me, I just enjoy this game really. I have interests in crafts such as supersonic airplanes, long-range rockets that go to a galaxy far, far away, (Please mind the Star Wars reference) and detailed models of about anything ever.

I have set a goal to follow every single user. I think doing this will fulfill my purpose in life.

Also, I hold the land speed record at 3.909 km/s!!!

Also also, thx for 1k, I wasn't expecting that this soon.

Also Also Also, I HAVE SR2 ON MY MAC!!! (excessive geeking out noises)

Previously known as NebulaSpaceExploration, ThatInsaneRocketScientistAkaNSE