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I hello guys! So anything that you see that is after I posted the “drafty delivery 2.0” on my account is either a. Outdated and doesn’t work that well in current versions or b. Is extremely cheesy because 10- year old me didn’t know how to be funny on the internet. I will be posting a lot of stuff that is unfinished and/or weird because I am transferring stuff from my old iPad Air to my Mac and my newer phone.
I haven’t been active in the community as I have been playing other games. If you would like to find me in the main one I’ve been playing, my name in geometry dash is DeadAstroX. Just pointing out, I kinda like building stuff so this game and that game kind of fit different aspects of that. Feel free to follow me here or send a friend request there!

Previously known as NebulaSpaceExploration, ThatInsaneRocketScientistAkaNSE