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I'm a native black African introverted individual, interested in many fields of knowledge, without being an expert in any of them particularly. I'm no genius but Iove to learn about many things, even if I can't fully retain or master all of them. I'm a sort of an aspiring Jack of All trades, Master of None. I keep on hoping for much, even if I'll not be able to grasp all, keeping on stretching to reach out for them even if I may not get them.

I love the opening up of access to knowledge and experience to all, regardless of capability of access or capability to mastering concepts.

A Science, Astronomy and Exploration enthusiast, I stumbled upon Space simulation games some time ago. I fell in love with SimpleRockets 2. Unfortunately, I enjoyed the game for quite a while on pirated free versions because of circumstances. However, some time ago, I came to my senses, strived to legally buy the game and did so shortly before rejoining the Community under a new name -rebranding my self- a New Genesis, with exploring New Vistas set in sight, expanding beyond previously understood Frontiers.

Not too smart (as I mentioned before), not too much time on my hands, thus I'm a fan of simple minimalist solutions that are easy to get, easy to implement and easy to master. Thus in-game, I'm a fan of simple small part count but fun and effective craft designs. (I play on a simple low specs -thus low RAM device not capable of handling complex designs)

I'd like for a realism based simple minimalist simulation experience in the game.

I'm just a simple African everyman Jack, of no significant name. Maybe just call me a Master_ of _None.

My fictional company is called New Vistas Expeditions Program (NVEP) or (NVisEP), with no fixed real life space agency as inspiration, rather taking inspiration from all accessible information. It's interests are in exploration, using various forms of transportation as in ground, air, water and space transportation.

Previously known as NewVistasExpeditions