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First of all let me introduce myself,
I am from India. I love space and cars. I am very happy to get such a game about space. Before this I played Spaceflight Simulator which is in 2D. Later I really don't know how I came up to this game.
I am also a music lover. I am actually typing this listening to music 😆.

For about 15 days after downloading SR2, I tried to make a craft that makes some sense and started with Falcon 9. Before that I used to download the crafts posted by others. I am constantly working to make my crafts more better. Thanks for all those who helped me reaching upto here.

~Suggestions are always accepted~ 😄

I really have no idea what I am talking. Actually I tried to write something rather than leaving the biography blank.

I wrote this when I nearly have 100 points. Going to change this in few days

Previously known as Saicharan