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To everyone who sees my profile.

Warning: Don't try to cheat with my , i am not good at cheating with others , maybe sometimes my language will hurt you

I'm a fan of space RTS games and engineer games, so most of my posts are about spacecraft. My spaceship may be red in the download screen, please don't worry, just download them, because I made them with an outdated and very old mobile phone, and I tested them myself to make sure there are no problems before Posting them to the official website.

Here is some crafts i have made
(It is strictly prohibited to use the data of my work in any for-profit or non-profit field

It is strictly prohibited to sell my works without my permission and use them in other places except Simplerockets2

It is strictly prohibited to shoot videos with my works without my permission)


HGL Destroyer

HGL Air Defence Frigate

Comet Light Tactical Bomber

They are beautiful , also strong, right?

Thank you for your support!