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Hello, welcome to my bio!

Hallo, greetings from Oregon! I am KnightOfRen! I am an American currently living in Oregon, and I love Aviation and Simpleplanes! I was introduced to SP game by my IRL friend Cobrahuey. However I do not play SR2, go check out my SP account, I'm more active there.

My planes are always low part for people that have potato devices, but they're usually fun to fly as well. My discord is KnightOfRen#2564, reach out to me if you want to collaborate.

I am the owner of the SimplePlanes Skippers Chat Discord server. Feel free to join, we have 150+ members and its a pretty nice place.

Discord: KnightOfRen#2564
SimplePlanes Account: KnightOfRen
Alt Account: KnightOfRenLite
Discord Server: SPSC
Favorite plane: Mikoyan MiG-21 Fishbed
Best friends: WiiMini, xXeno, Noname918181, DaCat, TheMegaMauster, Fox00One, Kangy, and Cyan