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The YF-23 should have won the ATF competition. Change my mind!

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Unlike other rocket companies like ULA, SpaceX, or Rocket Labs, Rainier Aerospace will be betting with re-usable space planes to compete in the private sector of the space industry, and bring affordable satellite launches, as well as be a good candidate for space-station re-supply missions.

Rainier Aerospace also intends on establishing orbital "solar farms" that can transmit wireless electricity to Earth and future interplanetary space ships via lasers.

Below includes our current projects and designs, which includes our newest "Endeavor" rocket-plane launch system.


Rainier "Endeavor" Rocketplane; A low-cost, re-usable rocket-plane launch system that is capable of launching cubesats & small satellites into orbit for around $3-$4 million. The rocket-plane launches a 2nd stage "Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle" at it's apoapsis, and from there the OMV continues to the desired orbit to release its commercial payload. Endeavor is Rainier's first step into the space industry, and while not an SSTO, it is capable of further revolutionizing space access by drastically reducing costs per launch. The Endeavor will be capable of launching from a conventional runway or a 747-400 air-launcher. Although for runway launches, the Endeavor is more than likely going to be limited to either Vandenberg AFB, Cape Canaveral SLF, or Patrick AFB, due to the heavily populated areas surrounding land-locked Moses Lake, WA in all directions. But by default, 747-400 air launch operations will be based out of Moses Lake/Grant County International Airport, where the 747-400 will carry the Endeavor off the coast of Washington state in the open Pacific for a safe air-launch away from the heavily populated Seattle and Portland areas. 747-400 air-launches will also be available on the Space Coast in Florida at the customer's request.

Rainier Endeavor Version V.2.5

The Endeavor's powerplant; The Rainier "Atmos" Rocket Engine; Recently completed first test firing trials.

Rendering of the Orbital Solar Test Farm

Rainier "Eagle" Rocketplane; Rainier Aerospace's next commercial launch system design after the Endeavor. More than twice the size and using x5 Atmos rocket engines compared to the Endeavor, the Eagle could potentially be a serious game changer and be the major break-through in payload launching capabilities Rainier has been severely lacking with the Endeavor Program. It has some serious potential at being able to carry it's own internal cargo bay like the original NASA Space Shuttle instead of an externally mounted 2nd stage OMV, and possibly qualify as an SSTO, all while still maintaining a relatively low launch cost. The design is still very early, but it's showing incredible promise.


  1. Affordable & Re-Usable Commercial Payload Launch System
  2. Single-Stage-to-Orbit Space Shuttle
  3. Orbital Space Tourism
  4. Orbital Solar Farm
  5. International Space Station Replacement
  6. Orbital Planetary Defense
  7. Manned/Human Interplanetary Transport

A new upcoming & undisclosed space craft by Rainier Aerospace.