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Somewhat active on SR2; Work, school, and flying dictate when I can and can't work on SR2 or SP. But my main priority with SR2 at the moment is to finish testing and polishing the Endeavor Block 1A for release. The Endeavor Block 1A will be the Endeavor's "base model" that is ground-launched vertically from a launch pad and uses a single Atmos engine to power it. Current stats stand as the following: Max payload for a mission where the Endeavor saves 15% fuel to return to its original launch site is 500kg and max orbit altitude with max payload is 150km (Low-Earth Orbit). However an orbit around 200km has been reached with a 250kg payload, and higher orbits can be achieved with lighter payloads. Even higher orbits are expected if the customer chooses to fly the Endeavor all the way to depletion. The Endeavor will still be re-usable, but it would have to be recovered in a designated recovery area out in the ocean and be air-caught by helicopter (similar to Rocket Labs) to prevent a splashdown in the corrosive salty ocean. The air-launched Block 1B variant, and future engine updates could also enable greater flexibility with the Endeavor. Current launch price with the Endeavor Block 1A stands at $2.7 million for a mission that enables the Endeavor to land at its launch site, but the mission launch price can be slightly higher if the Endeavor has to be recovered away from its launch site.

Unlike other rocket companies like ULA, SpaceX, or Rocket Labs, Rainier Aerospace will be betting with re-usable space planes to compete in the private sector of the space industry, and bring affordable satellite launches, as well as be a good candidate for space-station re-supply missions.


  1. Affordable & Re-Usable Commercial Payload Launch System
  2. Single-Stage-to-Orbit Space Shuttle
  3. Orbital Space Tourism
  4. Orbital Solar Farm
  5. International Space Station Replacement
  6. Orbital Planetary Defense
  7. Manned/Human Interplanetary Transport