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average player
shout out to
@XionmassResearchDevt for the kind words, they've encouraged me and have made my day
@FrostyFrag for the kind words and inspiring me to turn a small stall system project into a full blown series

Will help teach you if you wanna learn something, making crafts look nice, programs, making a craft work, etc (based on my knowledge)
And please, don't be afraid to make a special craft request, I'll gladly create the craft

fighter series [Status: canceled]
( may be canceled, unless people like it. i will finish the second versions )
1- weapons focused (second version out)
2- speed focused (first version out)
3- agility focused (first version out)
4- VTOL focused (first version out)
5- combination of the previous 4 (Being pushed over to the stealth series as StealthFighter-1)

stealth series ( canceled )

Call out series [Status: complete] (special thanks to @FrostyFrag for starting this series, ultra cool person)
(released under the title of universal call out system, some released individually)
stall detection
altitude call out (for landing)
low fuel warning
terrain warning
decent speed warning
pitch angle warning
bank angle warning
peek altitude warning (soon)