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I love all things space. I have been playing this game since it first came out on mobile. I make vizzy rockets and detailed capsules. I have been playing on iOS for a while, but finally switched to the steam version on windows. I try to keep all of my crafts mobile friendly.

My crafts:

Sparrow 3 newest version (currently 0.9)

(clickable image)

Other rockets in the Sparrow series:

Sparrow test hopper
Sparrow 2 Cargo
Sparrow 2 Phoenix
Sparrow 1
Bullet rocket (Sparrow proof of concept)

Phoenix capsules:

Phoenix 3
Phoenix 2.2
Phoenix 1

Old vizzy crafts of mine(made while I was still pretty bad at vizzy):

Phoenix crew lift(useless now that the Sparrow 2 Phoenix exists)
225,000kg auto launch
175,000kg auto launch
Auto Orbit Heavy

Random crafts I made:

JSO Luxury Jet
Not so speedy speed boat
Flying boat
Floating runway
Luna 7 Eagle
Rotating ring space station
Transformer Buggy

Previously known as Superawesomej18