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Welcome to JL Aerospace

We build nice stuff, both rockets and aircraft. We are always working on a wide variety of crafts and try to publish crafts that fit our JL standard, a good-looking craft where effort was put into. Feel free to make another version of our crafts, we love to see that.
We're just playing around and have a lot of unfinished projects, if you have any ideas or want to work together or whatever, find us on Discord or on this site. (Laurenz#7860)

Our posts:
Hermes rockets

JL aerospace Hermes-1

F series fighters

JL F-1
JL aerospace F-21
JL F-3


JL P-400C V/STOL Liner
JL Trans-4
JL aerospace Trans-2
JL aerospace Trans-1

The what-


Here are some of the unfinished projects we built (images):

L-400 <em>airliner</em>

L-200 <em>airliner</em>

JL aerospace Star-81 <em>SSTO</em>

JL aerospace Star-52C "Lancer" <em>SSTO</em> (text) JL aerospace Star-52C "Lancer" <em>SSTO</em>

JL aerospace Star-34 <em>SSTO</em>

JL aerospace "bullet" <em>SSTO</em>

JL aerospace Star-31 <em>SSTO</em>

JL aerospace F-41 <em>fighter jet</em>

JL aerospace F-42ER <em>fighter jet</em>

Previously known as JLspaceinc