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Who are we?
We are Infinity Space Agency, a rapidly growing agency in the world of Simple Rockets 2.
We have the motto to make droods an Interplanetary Species.

Status :
Building Newton HLV


Launch Vehicles:
i) MPLV (De-commisioned)
ii) HPLV (Active)
iii) ARLV (Active) (Link Unavailable)
iv) Cosmos (Planned)
v) Newton (Under Construction)

Launch Stats:

Payloads Launched: 1019
Total Flights: 78

Crewed Flight Details:
Cosmos is our planned crewed mission. It will be the first time ISA will send humans to space.


i) ImEarth
ii) SmarsoAero
iii) Akira
v) statiskliam7
vi) JamesValino
vii) Ced and Ross

To Join our list, join our discord server and apply for the role.

Join our discord server:


Latest News:

The work of Newton MLV is under progress. The Upper-stage is ready.
Newton is expected to be completely ready by Mid-October 2022.

*Engine designing done by SmarsoAerospace

Last Edit: 22nd September, 2022

Previously known as Bibhab, DareDevilSpaceAgency, InfinitySpaceAgency, GalacticWorld, InfinitySpaceAgency