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Welcome to my profile page!


Here is InfinityTechnology, a player from Jiangsu, China.
"Infinity" represents endless, a sense of eternity, also the name of a sci-fi space ship one of my favourite.
"Technology" is the core thing what pushes our humanity going forward.
When put them together, than made a great.


I joined Simplerockets in 2018, before that I was playing Minecraft.
I got platinum tag in 2019.7.22.
I set a personal network studio for working cooperation and videos making: Infinity Industry in 2020.3.1

(Logo designed by @Crazydl)
I got gold tag in 2020.5.
I got my formal personal sign designed in 2021.9

In 2021.10.23, I joined the moderators' team with honor.

My platform:

Tencent QQ: 1214867139 (Most directly)
Bilibili: InfinityTechnology_Official
Twitter: InfinityTechnology
Discord: InfinityTechnology#8520 (You can find me in SRC and then add me to talk)

Other things about me

I love industrial things like spacefilght and military, also a fan of sci-fi, I fell in love with Halo series since I first played Halo CE in 2014.
I must use some rechargeable network tools (VPN or some other booster software) to contact with most players who are not in China like through Discord and Twitter.
I usually play games except SR2 & SP: Master Chief Collection, World of Warships, Call of Duty series, Istroild, PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, Arknights.
Don't doubt my device's configure again, it just cost 6200 CNY (about $890-900).