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Welcome to my profile page!

A player who has played for about 6 years with Jundroo's games

First Asia Moderator for here 2021.10.23

Like:Playing SimpleRockets2, Arknights,Genshin Impact,World Of Warships, Minecraft, Cycling and Eating

Personal Fictonal Studio of Chinese inboard: Infinity Industry

Logo Author: crazydl

My goals in the future:

Try my best to keep our community good

Build Anything I Want (I obey the rules here) With More Patience And Confidence

I always asks me,what is my true happiness.In fact, till now I still can't find it.SR2 it's game and community maybe my first choice to get happiness. I would like to think of it to the most perfect sandbox game and really willing to pour all my useful free time on it.
Now I have passed over a year with it,I know I can't leave it,even if there're more sandbox games comes out.Because this is my feelings,which hides in the corner of my heart.


CT was here! :))