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Welcome to my profile page!


Here is InfinityTechnology, a player from Jiangsu, China.
"Infinity" represents endless, a sense of eternity, also the name of a sci-fi space ship one of my favourite.
"Technology" is the core thing what pushes our humanity going forward.
When put them together, than will be a great imagination.


I joined Simplerockets in 2018, before that I was playing Minecraft and SimplePlanes. They gave me the basic skill for building crafts.
I got platinum tag in 2019.7.22.
I set a personal network studio for working cooperation and videos making: Infinity Industry in 2020.3.1

(The literal "INFINITY" Logo designed by @Crazydl,he is really a smart boy.This logo has been applied and obtained copyright protection.)

I got gold tag in 2020.5.
I got my formal personal sign designed Inspired by Rhine Lab in Arknights in 2021.9
In 2021.10.23, I joined the moderators' team with honor.

My platform:

Tencent QQ: 1214867139 (Most directly)
My Tencent QQ Fan's Group:
Click Here If You Have Any Version Of Tencent QQ
Bilibili: InfinityTechnology_Official
Twitter: InfinityTechnology
Discord: InfinityTechnology#8520 (You can find me in SRC and then add me to talk)

Other things about me

I love industrial things like spacefilght and military, also a fan of sci-fi, I fell in love with Halo series since I first played Halo CE in 2014.
I must use some rechargeable network tools (VPN or some other booster software) to contact with most players who are not in China like through Discord and Twitter.So I'm being more active in QQ and Bilibili than Discord, Twitter.etc.
I usually play games except SR2 & SP: Master Chief Collection, World of Warships, Call of Duty series, Istroild, PUBG Mobile,Arknights.
Don't doubt my device's configure again, it is just a office laptop and costs 6200 CNY (about $890-900).