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I’m mostly here to download stuff and give people support. I occasionally upload stuff I find cool but don’t count on me doing it regularly.

This account is somewhat old because I created it shortly after this game was released, then went inactive for most of its existence. The original account I had for both SimplePlanes and Juno was significantly older but I lost them both to a data leak. This is the new one. God I wish I could recover those accounts, I had so much more history with them than I do with this one.

I’ve been playing Juno since 2019 and SimplePlanes since 2015!

“I’ve gone ~~13~~ 0 days without stranding someone in space.”
aw poo strike through doesn’t work :<

If you play SimplePlanes, I have an account there as well. It can be found here. I don’t upload there frequently either, but I have more stuff posted there than here. Enjoy I guess?


My main save game uses a Real Solar System analog, meaning all my uploads are based on that. Delta-V values, staging times, and basically everything else will be different than the values and timings in a stock game. I always make sure to disclose this in my uploads, and if I make a craft that’s supposed to be used in a stick game, I’ll disclose that too.

Previously known as dunodisko12