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Hi! I'm someone who you could call a "planet designer", as I mainly create celestial bodies and planetary systems, occasionally uploading them to the site.

You may also know me as the main creator and upholder of the real terrain Solar System.

Expect frequent previews to my upcoming systems or planets in the SimpleRockets Chat Discord server.

Also note that the latest versions of most of my planets are found in the star systems below, they're just unlisted. The ones that you see publicly posted may be out of date, so keep that in mind.

Star Systems

  • Solar System
    A real terrain recreation of our own Solar System in SR2. The planets are primarily based on cubemap textures which limits the surface detail that can be depicted on them in the system.
    Up close, they have false terrain procedurally generated features such as terrain noise or craters.
  • Better Juno System
    This system has all of the stock planets, with a few improvements to their terrain detail textures, atmosphere settings, orbit colors, terrain generation, color palettes...
    Droo specifically has more diverse surface features such as canyons and more structures such as the scrapped lighthouse and desert base missile silo.
    The planets that have the same radius and gravity in stock have been changed to loosely match the radius or gravity of their real life counterparts.

Joke Planets