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Welcome to my page! I'm Gipsy and I just make planes for fun. Most of my crafts are easy to fly and have undergone extensive testing, so have fun!
If there are any problems or concerns make sure to tell me in the comments so that I can address or fix them!

Current crafts/project(s) in development:

Project Scourage
- V-11 Quad
- MQ-13 Blackheart
- B-18 Hammer

Project Shatter
- SR-2 Pheonix
- SB-3 Orion
- SR-4 "Scourage"

Project Angry Hive
- AGM 71 Dragonfly
-E-1 B Super Watchdog
- Maverick truck series

Future Air Dominance
-F-71 Apex
-F-72 Diamondback
-F-73 Lance

Previously known as PhantomGipsy