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Ah, Ciao! Benvenuto sulla mia pagina profilo.

I'm an Italian teenager who has absolutely no experience in rocket science. But I can still do little things as you can see.

The Laptop I use now is more performant. Still I won't to mods or crazy crap because I'm a dumbass

1,000 points = Surpassed
2,500 points= not yet...

Best crafts:

"Intercontinental Missile"

"Simple Airways (With program)"

"The Tetris Logo"

"V3.5 I.C.B.M."

"Toppat Clan Rocket"

"V5 I.C.B.M."

"V5.5 I.C.B.M."

"V6 I.C.B.M."

"V12 I.C.B.M."

"V13 I.C.B.M.

"V14 I.C.B.M."

"V16 I.C.B.M."

"V17 I.C.B.M."

"V18 I.C.B.M. (S)"

"V22 I.C.B.M."

I'm a member of the Solar Alliance


Steampunk Tower Saw-Launcher (suspended)

Try yourself here

Previously known as Giova2020, Gio2020ITA