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(Barely active sorry! Any was who cares no one really reads bios lol)

Launching the future.

Discord name: GSpace SR2, Tag: 6059.
Please join my server! Link:

I have been interested in space since 2018/when I got this game and I am interested in engineering. I like building detailed rockets and I am terrible at the game (I literally find it hard to go to cylero). I don’t really have a fake company as I like replicas and don’t really stick with stuff (I don’t always do things I say I will). Guess thats all. Enjoy my crafts!

Thanks to followers! Wow 35 followers!

Best crafts:

Titan IIIE/Titan Centaur, 16 upvotes (been on the highest rated for the week).

Odysseus Command Pod, 12 upvotes.

Previously known as EagleHasLandedYeet2