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Well long ago...

I used this on PC with someone who wanted help in designing some of their rockets and craft. Well after that I went elsewhere to the top rated apps and finished those games and once again the rumors and idle chat on comments about that ain't reality though and how far off all the top rated apps are except for this one started to burn under my collar again.

I'm on YouTube channel and watching 2 different videos that really well let's just say this Manley talking about you need 7.2K MPS and more to actually lock in your orbit and then later on that day the Dragon went up to the ISS that day or the next and sure enough Elon I mean SpaceX has their speed and altitude posted he was at 7200 right past 100K KM or the Karmin line and I just sighed.

Left the launch and downloaded it on mobile first got the Real Solar System 2.0 RSS made by AXmSpace and there's an older version by Krau also known as the No Real Terrain RSS which still needs a Large Launchpad and I also downloaded the Light Years Galaxy a.k.a. Stellar Neighborhood that's it I've been here ever since. Now that I'm here again I don't see me even wanting to try anything else.

My heart goes out to any of you players that have been here the whole time or even over 2 years. Everyone here does either a real good accurate job or it's such a good cheater craft with unlimited Delta V and the beautiful body design on the craft that I just can't help it and download it right away.

Solar Systems that I download and like to keep updated

Krau No Real Terrain RSS

Krau More Locations RSS

Avinashkma HD Texture RSS

HyperPatch HD RSS

AxmSpace Retouch Texture RSS

Stellar Neighborhood or Lightyears RSS

Seraku Real Train World

Craft or Vehicles I made or worked on

Links to my other 3 Stage Rockets with no Lander:

Easy Galactic Arsenal HMK Simple VAC 2 Sat Orbit Hop

Easy Galactic Arsenal HMK Simple Orbit Hop SeaorSurf

Tall or Terrible Rocket

Tall or Terrible Rocket 2

Links to my other Rockets with Satellites for Orbit and Lander :

Easy 4 Satellites Lightning Delivery with Lander

Easy Galactic Simple 2 Stage Lift and Lander

Easy Simple Galactic Arsenal 4M With Lander

Easy Galactic Arsenal Dual Tank KMM Lander

2 Tanked Lander three stage rocket for descent

Links to my other Lander builds :

Original Moon Lander

Kerolox Lander

Kerolox Lander with more Fuel

Experimental Lander for Low Gravity

Links to my other Rovers :

Vizzy Suspension 1.5 plus Anti tip over pistons Rover

Rock Crawler Bumpgrade SCTS Rover

TZ-187CM Heavy Missile Launcher Rover

Karate Kick On a Sunday Rover

Links to my other ISS builds and ISS Parts:

The Red Cross-hair ISS

Big Rock Star with the ISS Core 8 Side Thrusters and 12 SRBs

ISS cake layered type for Fuel storage the shishkabob

Videos in SimpleRockets 2

Video Comparison of Two RSS Solar Systems

Landing on Tethys to watch Saturn

Original Earth from the Moon video

My YouTube Channel

Time and Time Again

Youtube Best of SimpleRockets 2 Playlist

Music that is through space and time