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I will keep my cringe description written when I was younger, but here is up to date April 2024 on my stuff:
- I try to make cars with many features, and try to push what is possible in this game
- I occasionally make other things

Maker of excellent suspensions and interiors ... crappy paneling
I try to pioneer in mechanical and engineered parts as well as general design, not details. Extra parts are are not good
ANYWAYS I try to build stuff that you wouldn't think would be in a game called SimpleRockets, such as planes, boats, CARS, and even a restaurant. I admit I look back at some crafts and see the simple in SimpleRockets but I know that it's all part of learning the game.

Spanish American vehicle manufacturer

My (older) Crafts sorted

The Am series

Am-303 business jet
Am-313 regional jet
Am-333 widebody full interior

The SK series:
sk-100 trainer
sk-101 stratospheric rocket launcher
sk-102 super fighter jet
sk-103 mini bomber
sk-104 supersonic mini trainer
sk-105 high altitude stealth plane

The Sky series

Sky-1 airliner
sky-2 supersonic airliner
sky-3 awesome cargo transport
sky-4 private jet
sky-5 staged spaceplane
sky-6 space tourist plane

Big hippo plane
Big hippo 2

The Azul series

Azul 1 block 1
Azul 1 block 2 rocket
Azul 2 spacecraft
Azul 2 block 2
Azul 3 block 2 luxury craft


awesome supercar/rover
cargo rover
mini rover
O1rs sports car
O2rs coupe with awesome doors


Shark drone 1

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