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I am a prolific aerospace company, I build original rockets/planes, historical (or future) rockets and planes. And sometimes (if i think it is a good or terrible idea) i will post ridiculous stuff. Please check out my stuff! It includes what every aerospace company needs (the skiing person too). My goal is to open up space travel to the masses, not just astronauts.

I am on summer vacation so I will still upload, just much less, sorry if I don’t respond quickly

We have been building rockets since the 50's, planes since the 30's, and cars since the late 50's
If i follow you, you are among my favorites

it is currently 2033

Contact us: Discord

For my airplanes, use the joysticks and not the blue and orange stuff

My Crafts (organized)

The Am series

Am-303 business jet
Am-313 regional jet
Am-333 widebody full interior

The SK series:
sk-100 trainer
sk-101 stratospheric rocket launcher
sk-102 super fighter jet
sk-103 mini bomber
sk-104 supersonic mini trainer
sk-105 high altitude stealth plane

The Sky series

Sky-1 airliner
sky-2 supersonic airliner
sky-3 awesome cargo transport
sky-4 private jet
sky-5 staged spaceplane
sky-6 space tourist plane

Big hippo plane 😂
Big hippo 2 🤣

The Azul series

Azul 1 block 1
Azul 1 block 2 rocket
Azul 2 spacecraft
Azul 2 block 2
Azul 3 block 2 luxury craft


awesome supercar/rover
cargo rover
mini rover
O1rs sports car
O2rs coupe with awesome doors


Shark drone 1

I am on mobile, it's an old phone as well, so the part counts are usually very low

Also, my crafts are vanilla unless stated otherwise

If I follow you, you are among my favorites, keep it up, I only follow 20 people at a time

Previously known as Freeskyareospace