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Falcon aerospace is entering a paused phase from sep 2021 to jan 2022. This is mainly because I'm tired, and my parents are putting pressure on me and also my homework is increasing.

The new timeline-before sep 1 I will finish Dark-sky LV and CSS FOS. After Sep 1 I won't be posting until next year.
Note there is a possibility for me to be dead forever but I will try my best to come back with my best work. The first two craft (subject to change) when I come back will be frontier RLS and Delta Clipper drone.

But, I will still be active on discord. DM me or message me in my server to talk.

I will only (sometimes) work on unlisted community project starting sep.

This player has not entered a biography.

Or not

Status: Paused

Join my Discord!

P. S. Am I approaching 5000? (I got it!)

Hi, I'm FAS
I like making shuttles (but I fail) and huge rocket.
I have some nice programs like HLV series.(update: this program is finished)
My English is not so good.

My best capsule to now-Firmament Crew

A great rocket for RSS computer and mod user-briz-ME

Still delaying alpha
Sorry about that

250 point: got it
500 point: got it
1000 point: got it
2000 point: got it
3500 point: got it
5000 point:yesssss
7500 point:great!
10000 point:???
Feel free to give me suggestions :)

Note: I'm Chinese

Previously known as ziyi, FalconAerospaceFAS