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SR2 user count (Jan 2022): 64375
Update Oct 2022: 72687 (8312 new player)

A research into the new craft section found out the ratio of mobile vs PC players:

Mobile 18
Pc 7
Ratio- %72 vs %28

830 new player averaged per month in the last 10 months

mobile income: around 3000
Pc income: around 3500 before price change
Total net income: 6500 per month
Piracy ratio according to Pedro is 50%
That means around 3250$ of income to jundroo per month for SR2

My alt where I might post random stuff

To live is to chase for the unreached, no matter in the astra or abyss

ad astra abyssosque

Previously known as ziyi, FalconAerospaceFAS