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Anyways, Hi! I'm DJ, as from my former name, DJW730. I originally got into this game, because I thought it would be a cheaper KSP, though now, with all the mods It sounds like KSP, thought I don't have a PC🥲.
Falhart Industries' Space Division was created after the rivaling Greentree Heavy Industries of Balum eventually merged with Wantum Aerospace, creating Greentree Aerospace. To respond, Falhart Industries was nationalized, and soon, top scientists, Like Frank Salzor, and John Galvan, were brought in. Balorian exiles and political prisoners were also allowed, giving them asylum, in turn for their contributions. Greentree first responded with Tourist rockets, to hype their general public, before launching their first satellite. Finally, In 14 BVL (Before Vas 1 Landing), Falhart Launched the Vok 1, which docked with a training system built and launched before, in secret. After the launch, it successfully splashed down, and recovered Franco Galvan, son of John Galvan. Later, Amanda Jones would set a world record at the time in 10 BVL, in which she travelled all of the way to Sergeaa, twice, and safely splashed down.

Previously known as DJW730