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Space shuttle

Space shuttles are cool

Even Before this site was created and the game too, I've Always Imagined Making Fictional Rockets and send them into space or explore the Solar System or Further Beyond.Whenever I imagined them I draw them, I've always enjoyed Drawing spacecrafts and planets. I also Like to have model Replicas of space probes and Rockets. Ever since I joined this site and Played the game I Always try making spacecrafts replicas, The best that I can. My first design Didn't came out perfectly(Even though it worked) But as I learned to build Correctly My Designs began to Improve and I think I will make awesome ones in the Future as I learn more. Not only I like to make spacecraft Replicas But I always love To make Fictional spacecrafts Like the ones from 2001 Space Odyssey, Armageddon or other movies that Involve space.

Current plans

-Mir space station(Finished; Ready to deorbit)
-ISS(Under construction since December 2019(complete date: Summer of 2020)
-Make Starship and SLS(TBD)
-Colonize Mars
Sometimes I like to add Eyes to rockets or planes(Edit: i don't do that anymore now i add them on windows)
My youtube channel

space shuttle


Saturn v