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13, 8th grader
gonna be inactive due to school
suck at school, math, and Spanish the most.
like drawing and art
spacex fan, though i like other space companies as well
love EDM, dubstep, rock, and calm music
discovered sr2 around April-may 2020
I mostly make payload launchers and capsules, along with space planes in the short term. I have some experience with XML, and planet editing.
My favorite rockets and why so
Falcon heavy(the general look and engine arrangement)
Ares 1(like how the thinner 1st stage looks)
Atlas v (the Srm arrangement and the fairing)
Starship(how unique yet effective and cool it looks is)
Sls block 2(the fairing and the srm looks)
Titan IIIC(how C H O M K the boosters are and how the fairing is literally larger than the upper stage, along with the sharp fairing(honestly why most of my rockets use that type tbh)

other stuff

check out the simplerockets chat
my discord is exo2007#3590 if you need to talk to me.

some dudes who are pog ig


cream pup(sadly left due to personal issues)


Previously known as gaiainc