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What is the Epsilon Space Organization

Born out of the death of the Lenatez Space Agency the ESO was made to launch small, medium, and to large rockets to launch, well, small, medium, and large satellites, in a normal old fashioned way, simplistic 2, or 3 staged rockets, and no special landing boosters, or SSTO's, for now we will stay old fashioned and normal.


As mentioned before, we aren't going to do special SSTO's or landing boosters, but simplistic 2, to 3 stage rockets. We plan to send sp- [cough, cough] sorry ''weather'' satellites, and actual weather satellites, into orbit, and maybe a small telescope. We plan to expand science, at a quick, but manageable rate. And through a medium, to small sized way. Medium rocket. Small payload, Large rocket. Medium payload.


!Titan 1/4 peace

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