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Working on huge projects

Howdy, whoever you are! I am just a 16 yo making random crafts for fun!
Most of my crafts work both on desktop and mobile devices, but a few of them may reduce the frame rate signifficantly on android/ios.

You may also know me from the SRC as Aircraft Enjoyer


I post whenever I feel like it, sometimes it can be weeks, sometimes months, idk depends on how I feel. My program in a nutshell: post 2 shitty things in a month then off I go for a while. DON'T ASK ME ABOUT ROCKETS AND STUFF, I AM TERRIBLE AT IT

Some pics idk:

I live in Romania (Transylvania), and I started playing in 2019 and made my account in June 2020.

  • If you have an idea feel free to tell me in the comments, or contact me on discord, I am often active (2Energy#7683).



IAR 99 Falcon
IAR 95 (old)
ARM - 12
IAR 99 Hawk
IAR 93 Vultur
JF - 17
IAR 95
IAR-99 Soim
MiG-21 Lancer
MiG-21 Polish "Olówek"
Sukhoi Su-35 BM
Sukhoi Su-57 Felon


Supersonic Mothership


TR - 85 M2
T 90 (preview)
TR -85 M1 Bison


IAR 330 Navy

Proposed vehicles for future projects

(vehicles that I am planning to make in the future, but some of them might never become a thing)
IAR-93 (remake)
P-40 Warhawk

Crafts in progress

(vehicles that I am working on rn)
C-27 Spartan

Cancelled projects (due to a variety of reasons)

T-90 (also the link for the SR craft)

Previously known as 2Energy