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A Random Central American Player That Makes Planets And (rarely) Crafts.

What Is Habitu
Habitu Is A Droo-Like Planet Orbiting Inol. It's The Homeplanet Of The United Repiblics Of Inol. It Has Oceans, Green Grasalands, Forests, Montain Chains, Deserts, Taigas, Savannahs And Polar Regions And Has 3 Moons.

Inol System

It's The System That Is Rare And Unique To Explore. Astronomers On Droo, Has Investigating The System For Years Using Telescopes On The Surface And In Space.

Droods Found Out They Are Not Alone Due To The Discovery Of A Civilization On Habitu

1.0: Release
1.1 A Far Away Place
1.2 To The Kalper Belt And Beyond
1.3 The Far Away worlds soon

Analouged Systems.

All Analouged System In Real Life Scale Meaning It's 10x Bigger Than In Game Scale. Also It's On Real Distances Meaning AU (astronomical unit) Will Be Possible
All Analouged Systems.

ARSS Analouged Version Of Our Solar System

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