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Hello, and welcome to Droo Aerospace and Research Organization! This organization's new main focus is to get into Luna Orbit, and we're taking the first steps to follow our goal. We are currently developing a kickstage, called "Small Step". This kickstage could carry up to 5 smallsats into Luna Orbit. We also have a discord server, where you can chat and hang out. There'll also be launch streams there, streaming the launch of other rockets (mainly mine). You can join here. If you want to book a flight on our new rocket, FRP OR, click here. We are also building a new rocket that could carry passengers, cargo or both anywhere around the world in under an hour, called FRP DTS. This rocket uses fins to guide itself and slow itself down during re-entry to reduce the fuel needed, therefore increasing the capacity FRP DTS could hold.

Hi! I mainly make low part count rockets (partially bc im a mobile player). Most of the rockets I post are fictional, and some of them are replicas. I'm still learning how to build a plane and how to make vizzy, so expect some planes and vizzy rockets in the future (idk how tf I would make a vizzy plane). I also have a "space agency" that's working on making a new kickstage that could get into Luna Orbit. The main purpose of this kickstage is to practice rendezvous with the moons of Droo and to demonstrate that DARO is capable of carrying satellites farther than Droo Orbit.