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Discord: @skygateaero #2215

Fictional Story

—Existed from what used to be, ProtoSpaceAgency, has now become its death. John Kerury, founder, decided to change the company’s name from this to Skygate Aerospace. He then decided to shorten the name to SA, because it would be tiresome to say it fully. His missions are to create spacecraft and aircraft—from small to colossal—that turns everything into the future—making new technologies to empower, push off the limits of existing ideas, and enhance the life of droods here. — Droodman, Angoli, et al., 2046

Welcome to Skygate Aerospace, a.k.a SA.

My crafts have an inspiration with:

YouTube: @thejnorfs

SA brings you the space and air to you. Fly and launch to your dream places as we design rockets and aircraft to transport you.

Thank you. Fly it. Launch it.

Divisions of this company:

  • Droodair Regional Aircraft

  • Skygate Commercial Airplanes

  • Skygate Droospace Spacecraft


*None of the names shown are real, they are also not mine as well.

  • Do not take any of my crafts and upload it without any of my permission.

  • Also, keep in mind that I am not that active on Juno: New Origins. For example, it will take several weeks or months for a new craft to come.

Previously known as swxuy, ProtoSpaceAgency, CyprusAerospace, CyprusAerospaceIndustries, CAI