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.😊/ [i play PC and iOS]


Note: im fairly inactive for posting, but I occasionally visit the website every day, I'm still here, just not posting ;)

2 years incoming :)

And with 2 years, a new bio ;)


we dont want war, just peace, and to collaborate, not fight, as together, we can accomplish anything

taken by my own probe, and my current favorite photo

aite picture

original quote:

hello, i have been playing SR2 ever since it came out, i am the owner of my own space program (the EXplore Program [now liked to be referred to as EXplore]) and it’s goal is to explore the universe and colonize it, I am a pretty good rocket engineer too. (huuuge thanks to @MARStechnology for my newer logos go check him out here!) my discord if you are interested in a discord to chat in and heres @MARStechnology's discord if your interested, i am part of the IAAR (thats the international association of automatic rockets), i also do collaberations with other programs, ask me if you want to collab ;), i also launch some crafts with @iSpace (this is also a spotlight for him because he deserves it :D) and he is good at it :) go check him out ;) he can send all your crafts to orbit (in time however he does the realistic approach with a launch date and everything XD)

i have an SR2 discord

@VosAerospace's discord ;) (took one of his invites lol I'm lazy)
@orbItech IRS (International Rocket-surgery Syndicate) here
@Freeskyaerospace's here
ARES alliance (it used to have a war, but it's cancelled now)
ILA from @Staticalliam7 (ripoff of ULA lol) find here
IAAR Discord: click


¤•Staticalliam7 (insight aerospace)

i am vice president in CASXA's Community Aerospace (here)

official IAAR account 2


i have an SP account (not very active there however)

im head of nebra ops and co builder of rockets in the

solar alliance

I have a logo for crafts tnx to @Gozinya!

Thats here

why do i feel like everyone wants to be friends w me lol