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.😊/ [I play PC and iOS]


we dont want war, just peace, and to collaborate, not fight, as together, we can accomplish anything

A photo I like (from an older probe I made)

Nice photo from Exoplanets planetary system

Hi, I’m just a user who likes rockets lol (more or less)
I played this game since it came out, and I got pretty good at building in it,
Im also part of many things on this website, you will find those below.
I play more than JNO, and I like building, and maybe a little robotics… I also know a little vizzy, and I like helping people, working with them on crafts, things like that. I’m nice (pls don’t hurt me lol), I have a discord server, rideshare program (eh, kinda 🤷), and collab stuff, like space stations and bases
My space company/aerospace thingy is EXplore, with the goal of peaceful colonizing and exploration of the Juno system and beyond, that means exoplanets, moons, submoons, and asteroids (ok and I guess sub sub moons? Idek if that can exist lol), we also wish to work together to accomplish that goal.

CommunityAerospace: click
International Association of Automated Rockets: click
Solar Alliance: click
ARES Alliance: click

My discord: here
CommunityAerospace: here
IAAR: here
ARES alliance: here
FreeskyAerospace’s server: here

Official Partnerships:

¤• Staticalliam7 (Insight Aerospace)
¤• Horizons Technologies