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im just helping the economy

magnum opus almost done

ChaseyWasey - ChaseWilsons - Vee

For starters, I like planets. I make them. I discovered PlanetStudio a year ago in March. But I only found out how to download planets on mobile in May. I used to download planets and make systems out of them, but as of April 27th, I've womaned up and started making my own.

That aside, there's not much to know. I'm a big cat fan ig, I have a couple of my own. I also like cars. Not the movie about the method of transportation, the method of transportation itself.

ongoing projects:

Radicas System (Complete)
Starrum System (Complete)

Carphercas Galaxy: July.
Trappist-1: No idea.
CJS (Chase's Junar System): (demo) Complete.
TG Lethe System: July.

Future projects:

The LSA: a comprehensive story version of the systems.
1276: a subsection of the story that investigates MA 1276.


1k - May 11th

2k - May 22nd

3k - June 3rd

my profile pic is not an upper shot of Kurce. It's taken that way, similar to the Urados one I had because it looks like a C.

Previously known as dundundundado, ChaseWilsons, ChaseyWasey