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Hey, why do I have 9 people followin' me? I haven't even posted a rocket! Lol

Just a clarification here. MY FIRST NAME IS CARSON, AND MY LAST INITIAL IS G. MY BIRTHDAY IS OCTOBER 17TH. THAT'S HOW I GOT MY ACCOUNT NAME. The G is pronounced seperate, and the numbers arepronounced "ten seventeen"

Hello SR2!!

I am a male freshman from Oregon. My interests are Simpleplanes, SumpleRockets, uhh...

... I can't think of anything else. Anyways, I aspire to one day work as an engineer at Boeing. If anyone wants to use the whole or parts of any of my planes, feel free to! Just give me credit. Here is a very important link everyone needs to see. Have fun flying!

Contacting me:
If anyone wants me to build a plane for them, or you just want to chat, feel free to do so Here on Hangouts and Here on Discord. I have also set up a new email, just for you guys! It's . If you have any requests, tell me Here

Contact times:
September - late June:
1600-2100 (4pm - 9pm) PST
Late June - September:
0900-2300 (9am - 11pm) PST
These times are likely to vary.
Now, Even if it's outside of the times, still write a comment to contact me! These are just the times I'm most likely to be online.

If anyone wants an XML edit or you have a build request, feel free to ask! I would be happy to help!

My advice for new players: post good rockets! Put some effort into it! Even if it isn't what absolutely everyone would consider good, if it's good to you, that means something!

If you want a spotlight, feel free to ask!

Thank you everyone for all of the support!

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