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Rockets are dope. I like building them, I like flying them.

I suck at planes though.

I play on iOS and on Windows.

I try to update my bio weekly, but sometimes time flies and I forget. You can see on the bottom of the page when I last updated it.

Each project has an estimated amount of time before I release it to everyone. It is right after the project name. These are always a guess and therefore not always accurate, unless otherwise indicated by a “-“ instead of “~”.

Current Flagship rocket: Weka IV-B

My Naming Scheme

Newest Rocket:

Weka IV.III-B.6-2 (Osiris.VI)

Best Rocket:

Weka IV.III-B.6-2 (Osiris.VI)

Current Projects:

Weka IV.III-B.6 LR[2.1] (Water-250) ~ 1-2 weeks

The next version of the Weka rocket. It has one additional stage so that it can go farther and will be carrying a 250,000kg water tank as sample payload.

Un-named ~ 3 weeks

The concept for my next rocket. It will be far smaller than my previous rockets but just as detailed. It will be carrying a small satellite as payload.

Planned Projects:

Space Station - Not Started

I will be making a space station that involves multiple pieces and will be assembled in space. I will also release a fully pre-assembled version.

”It can’t just work. It has to look cool too.”
~ me

Bio last updated 6 January 2021 @ 9:00 AM CST.