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Hey guys im knowen as Tarian, I live in New Zealand which is down in the middle of the sea near antarctica if you were wondering. Im a 15 years old and gender fluid, I am bi-romantic. I have a youtube channel although its not SR2 videos anyway Im super interested in rocketary, orbital mechanics, anything to do with space. I have plans to set foot on mars some day. I have actually been on SR2 since it was launched and on this platform also but I deleted my old account and this is a fresh start. Ill do requests for things you want me to build. Take in note I do not do XTL or planets or stuff. I am kind of beginner level at Vizzy but I use manual stuff for most things anyway. Im not really good at planes on SR2 but im good at rockets so yeah. Thats me in a nut shell nice to meet you. :-)