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    good job dev team !
    if I can see you in person I would really like to thank you for what you're going through because of them 'chosen beggars' ,to give us the glorious SR2.
    anyway .
    a word of advise:
    "you don't have to be on schedule,
    because a good fruit takes it's time to grow,
    and to get good fruit you need a healthy tree ."

    I don't even know what's the point of this comment !! :P

    +6 5.8 years ago
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    Please don't make the wings blocky like sp

    +5 6.3 years ago
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    I was gonna ask when is this goddamn update gonna go live?
    But then I realized I don't care as long as the finished product is high quality.
    So take your time devs, make it worth the wait.

    +4 3.8 years ago
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    simple planes was a plane game
    but they added wheels why?
    because people wanted it
    the made very bad looking wheels using the fuselage part
    but because they are very good devs
    they just added the wheel part
    they might add weapons
    and that would be a feature
    the choice of using the feature or not is fully you'rs
    don't just say no to a feature
    who knows you might use it?

    +4 5.7 years ago
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    add sonic booms

    +4 6.1 years ago
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    It's a font not the end of the world, you'll get used to it.

    +3 4.1 years ago
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    Maybe a forum isn't the best place for this?
    Maybe try something more visual, like a step by step images or a video if you can.

    +3 4.2 years ago
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    What do you mean is not what you expected?
    It's every thing you could wish for and more. it's much better than that game that I can't even remember it's name. No hate great game loved it and still do until...

    +3 5.5 years ago
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    Now I'm gonna receive more notifications
    And It'll make me feel more important

    +3 5.5 years ago
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    I'm sure it's worth waiting for

    +3 6.2 years ago
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    How to get a lot of upvotes in the SR2 community:

    • don't make rockets or planes or anything aerospace related.

    • make 1500+ part crafts.

    • make functional interiors.

    • have a lot of points.

    • have a lot of friends.

    • collab with someone that has a lot of Points.

    • collab with someone that has a lot of friends.

    • have a highly followed YouTube channel.

    • be a gril.

    • be bi or gay.

    • be a furry.

    • don't have a life.

    • more vizzy than the basic human could comprehend.

    • make actual magic.

    • and most importantly don't even try to get points, you silly. Because no matter what you do the people will defy your expectations in every way possible. Making you lose grasp of reality, and your sanity in the process. So to be actually happy, is not to want these stupid points, but to learn game development and make a better game than SR2 and make your own community where you can rule them the way you see fit. Now you can make them upvote you all you want. And then & only then will they see the truth, and that you control the game with your right & the people with your left. No one will escape now, that you have full control of reality. Show them that you are a GOD and they are but mere mortals meant to be left in the dust and only you will remain eating gold & honey for the rest of your immortal life.

    And that's my full list of how to get upvotes.
    and please note that: some of these points are optional

    +2 3.8 years ago
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    That's good, that means there's room for improvement and you're willing to go there.
    And believe me when I say this. I too had the same feeling you have now. But I got over it now, And you will too.
    I didn't make this in a day & night. It took me years to get here.
    Time is the only currency bro, and you need to use it correctly.
    I know I sure wasted a lot of time, and I regret that now.

    +2 4.0 years ago
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    This is Very interesting.
    I love it. Idk why? But I just love data & information displayed in a visual manner.

    +2 4.0 years ago
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    Should be useful.
    It has real life images & concept designs of anything you need (Shuttle, rocket, plane, rover, and much more...)
    And did I mention it has memes? They're 5 months old memes tho.

    +2 4.0 years ago
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    Losing motivation isn't a cause for goodbyes.
    It's totally a normal thing to happen.
    All I do when I lose motivation is just wait...
    Wait for something to inspire me. So far this trick works a charm.
    For my inspirations I use (Pinterest) you'll be required to create an account, but it's worth it.
    I just browse on for some time and BOOM!! Here's my next build.

    For a builder/artist, inspiration is my currency, and without it I can't create.
    So when I have no inspiration, I just go watch a good movie or something, look at other people builds, or enjoy my world as it is.
    There is no such thing as a Builder's block @TestRunner

    But sometimes it isn't always the case & a break might be more useful. Which is the same thing as waiting for inspiration.

    I hope I helped & made a fool out of myself.

    +2 4.0 years ago
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    Let me give you the most uncreative and "no thought was put into this at all" idea, because it's so obvious, and it's probably what they're gonna do anyway.

    • An airline company wants a jet (cargo or civilian).
    • You have to compete against another aerospace companies for the contract and the funding that comes with it.
    • you will need to tune the aircraft to reach the specification (fuel efficiency, service ceiling, etc...)

    • The government wants an aircraft with some special performance (high Speed, high altitude, things like that...)

    • Basically asking for reconnaissance aircraft or drones or fighter jets even....

    Now I'm thinking small, and only an aircraft oriented mode.
    But it can be just a "side mission" kinda thing and not related to the main career mode.
    Like when your company is "in a pickle" and needs more money/funding. Or something like that.

    +2 4.0 years ago
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    Simply add a while(Ag=true) loop, and put your code inside it.

    +2 4.2 years ago
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    You can't zoom with the Spen and a finger
    Because any touch will be prevented if the Spen is already touching the screen

    +2 4.8 years ago
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    Upload something presumably?

    +2 4.9 years ago
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    I've been waiting for this since the existence of this site. Wish me luck.

    +2 4.9 years ago
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    This game only gets better and better
    And I'm just waiting here for the mobile update
    Until the next year
    Which would only make it better

    +2 5.2 years ago
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    I did email him. But knowing how much emails he gets he probably didn't see it...
    And also I think he's a changed man than before.
    And he wasn't a science guy to begin with.

    +2 5.5 years ago
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    don't you think we need longer runways?

    +2 5.7 years ago
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    I'm sorry
    but BFR doesn't in fact stand for Big Falcon Rocket
    it stands for Big F*g Rocket
    honest mistake ...

    +2 5.7 years ago
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    If you fail to release on schedule
    please film yourself eating the black licorice
    so we get something other than the game but just as good
    thank you

    +2 5.8 years ago
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    Are you gonna announce the chosen players or will they remain hidden
    so other players don't annoy them to leak anything ?

    +2 5.8 years ago
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    I don't think so

    +2 5.8 years ago
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    I'll give you an Idea for weapons
    Just make a fuselage nose and a red dot at the tip of it
    basically a warhead !!
    and just add options to make it a bomb or a missile
    it follows a target if it's a missile
    and makes a big BOOOOM if Bomb
    and the player makes the body shape
    also makes for great weapon customization
    something SP doesn't have

    +2 5.9 years ago
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    Overload, fine tuner for SR2
    real life planets (so smearth would be real earth and mars ...etc)
    The whole galaxy... :O cuz why not!!¡¡
    A sofa part ...lol
    Toy mod (that'll make your rocket a toy size)
    It'll be good with a house map...

    It 'll be hard but you should add a chat feature
    Where you can chat with other players while you're playing ... that should be fun

    Yeah that's all I have for Ideas

    +2 6.5 years ago
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    You need 100 points

    +1 3.7 years ago
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    Ohh you wanted this Shuttle?

    +1 3.8 years ago
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    Here's the Point system for simplerockets.com
    And yes, you need atleast 100 points.

    +1 3.9 years ago
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    @DoublehshAircraftinc What?

    +1 3.9 years ago
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    Thanks for reminding me of this
    Now I'm gonna delete it

    +1 4.1 years ago
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    Not now.

    +1 4.1 years ago
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    I believe you can edit and make your own images then add them to the game files manually

    +1 4.1 years ago
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    You could try to make an original?

    +1 4.1 years ago
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    I think the word you're looking for is "stupid"

    +1 4.1 years ago
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    It would be a GREAT Idea

    +1 4.2 years ago
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    Kell has one

    +1 4.6 years ago
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    I would recommend doing your own research in game

    +1 4.7 years ago
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    Are you going to have control customization?
    As in size, placement and transparency.
    Because if you're not, you should.

    +1 4.9 years ago
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    Yes anytime this year

    +1 5.5 years ago
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    I want weapons

    +1 5.7 years ago
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    Any Idea when the android version is coming out ?...
    Oh wait ... you said you'll never tell people when you're releasing a game ...
    also how could you hate something so sweet and bla...

    +1 5.7 years ago
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    I'd say worth it

    +1 5.7 years ago
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    How could we forget the most important thing in a simulation game
    big glowy smoky enexpected BOOOOOM!!
    Good job you keep surprising me devs

    +1 5.8 years ago
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    very professional!
    I'm professional too you know ...
    clearly ...

    +1 5.8 years ago
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    "only Nathan's brain has exploded"
    we don't want to explode the other devs' heads ,Do we?

    +1 5.8 years ago