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    I believe this game (in the future, no rush here) should be updated to allow us build conventional planes, land vehicle, ships like we do in SP and operate them in home planet atmosphere. All parts from SP should be imported here (propellers, weapons/targets, terrain landmarks). Yeah, i know is a ton of work, but... then, without exaggerating, this game will be complete, something you just cannot get bored with it because anything you can imagine, you can create and test here.
    PS: i am a veteran gamer, i played a lot of masterpieces, but this indie little game (SimplePlanes) is easily in my top 3 because the brain in it and creativity freedom. Cheers and thank you Mr. @AndrewGarrison

    +2 5.4 years ago
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    very very sexy wheels...

    +1 5.6 years ago