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Fictional story.

This industries is based on the territory of the Russian Federation. We specialize in the production of: rocket, aircraft.
Beam - means that we leave a mark in the history of flights. We learn from our mistakes. Do the impossible. sometimes we release unusual missiles that seem incredible and impossible. Also, we (the Company) adhere to neutrality and peace.

The Finished projects:

1.Beam Sand Iron Cylero
2.Aero Effect Rocket
3.Beam Sand Iron Orbiter
4.Beam Jet Fighter 262
5.(Beta) Beam Space Soyuz
6.Beam Space Orbiter
7.Beam Delta Glider
8.Beam Space Soyuz
9.Beam Air Camp
10.Beam Air Business 8
11.Beam Air Business 8.1
12.Beam Electric Business 8.1
13.Beam Space Regolith
14.Beam Space Globus 6
15.Beam Mechanic Scorpion
16.Beam Air Belarus
17.Beam Space Soyuz 1.5
18.Beam Space Regolith Light
19.Beam Space Soyuz 1.6
20.Beam LES Atomic
22.Beam LES Taimyr
23.Beam Cylero Rassvet
24.Beam Space Lithium
25.Beam Orbital Yenisei
26.Beam Yenisei Nickel
27.Beam Yenisei Ural
28.Beam Electric Elbrus
29.Beam Electric Taiga
30.Beam Electric Elbrus I
31.Beam Electric Elbrus II
32.Beam Supersonic Strizh

"Simple" Series)

4.SimpleVostok (60th anniversary of the first flight human into space)

Off Topic:

1.Flying Pen Rocket
2.Flying Pen Plane
3.M. Corp Skybus New
4.100 Points
5.Old logo: Beam Aerospace Industries
6.Dummy with a jetpack
7.1,000 Points
8.New logo: Beam Aerospace Industries
9.2,500 Points
10.Siren Head
11.PlayStation Portable
12.(2D Art) Mae Borowski - Night in the Woods
13.My first plane
14.Russian Alphabet