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N°17 Best player!

FTW I surpassed Andrew....

Y hola, soy un Chileno... si no sabi lo que es conshetu-----, o wn ¡no eres un Chileno!

I played SimplePlanes back in 2016, I play KSP also from 2016 and obviously I am playing SimpleRockets2! (I want to see the Dragon V2 in space, and the Lunar and Martian BFR, and if it happens, the SLS)

A bit of my personal information:
I live in the other side of the world (in Chile), and I am just a huge space fan, even if in my country not all people knows of SpaceX... And I built an amateur rocket this year... But the motors that would power it were illegal in my country... DAMMIT! At least I tried... And well, that's a bit of my personal info.

Except me to upload crafts that are simple, and not those like Leo III, or a Falcon Heavy ultra detailed.

Fun fact! There are 5,010 users on this website!