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Hi I am Aludra877 a guy who is very interested in the universe. My 2 favourite things to add to my planets r water and rings and a touch of uniqueness. I think that there may be life on europa. So yeah thats all about me. Wait btw Aludra is my fav star and I play Vendetta Online, my user name is Aludra877 still. Also u may call me Alu,
Aludra ess, or Space geek 877. I also find terraforming mars stupid because its half the size,has NO magnetic field, and its at the colder end of the goldilocks zone -_-, humans die faster in cold areas than hot, I would rather terraform venus, yes it has a toxic atmosphere but we can build a balloon city in its atmosphere, thin it, add water, then ask the hippies for their trees (no offence in the hippy thing but i just had to XD) then add cities and KUMBAYAAAAAAAA!, also venus is much CLOSER to earth than stupid dead mars and also is almost the same size (just smaller by about 300km in diameter) also venus has already made basins lol like dead mars. Also yeah I feel sorry for uranus (the planet) cuz look at the name carefully ok, its known as the farting planet (I aint making this up) cuz it stinks and also its a gas giant! and also itz thermal waves come in burps!!!