Auto Credit Based on Shoot2kill's F.A.R Community Sandbox V1.0

S.T.A.R and D.S.E.S space stations are both in this sandbox.


  • Predecessor: F.A.R Community Sandbox V1.0
  • Created On: iOS
  • Game Version:
  • Solar System: SolarSystem
  • Planets: 6
  • Game Time: 410.0 days


Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
CSS Droo 6065 759,778kg 124km 3,373m/s
Community Cylero Tug Cylero 842 606,990kg 105km 1,475m/s
LunProbe ! Luna 19 0kg Ground 0m/s
Cylero CSS Cylero 2473 42,098kg 104km 1,476m/s
SH-111 FORTITUDE Droo 404 144,832kg Ground 0m/s
The Wandering Earth-The Navigation Platform International Space Station V2 0 Cylero 1592 4,559,661kg 91km 1,497m/s
Merso's Arkimely II space shuttle Cylero 294 65,659kg 94km 1,489m/s
Stanford Torus Cylero 2116 0kg 106km 1,473m/s
PolarExplorer CyleroRover Cylero 67 2,636kg Ground 0m/s
Stock HSys Mobile Base Cylero 1287 50,118kg Ground 0m/s
Mobility Science Laboratory ready for Cylero Cylero 125 5,763kg Ground 0m/s
S.T.A.R central command Droo 410 795,013kg 130km 3,367m/s
The Wand Droo 870 36,689,930kg 130km 3,367m/s
Pioneer Class Flagship Droo 652 0kg 132km 3,362m/s
SBD Dauntless Improved Droo 269 2,174kg Ground 0m/s
ISPV-1 Cylero 2401 0kg 104km 1,476m/s
The Inspiration Rover Cylero 201 5,647kg Ground 0m/s
The Inspiration Rover Cylero 201 5,645kg Ground 0m/s
The Inspiration Rover Cylero 201 5,482kg Ground 0m/s
Opportunity Mars Rover Cylero 146 285kg Ground 0m/s
D S E S headquaters Droo 326 910,107kg 132km 3,362m/s


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