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Auto Credit Based on SupremeDorian's Cylero Mission Success

I was messing around with MLI and IDDQD when I noticed that the smoke effect during re-entry started going forward for some reason. Load the sandbox, lock the velocity prograde, and at around 20km the smoke will start going in front of the craft instead of behind it.



Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
My first Rocket Luna 10 2,205kg 105 km 661.0 m/s
Test Rocket Droo 53 22,108kg 430 km 3.08 km/s
Cylero Lander Sun 15 8,222kg 24,137.4 Mm 14.57 km/s
Craft-17 Droo 3 0kg 551 km 2.95 km/s
Craft-18 Sun 9 0kg 24,064.4 Mm 14.62 km/s
Craft-23 Droo 2 69kg Ground 0.0 m/s
Craft-24 Droo 2 1,055kg Ground 0.0 m/s
SR-71 Droo 107 12,207kg Ground 0.0 m/s
Hades I Droo 2 1,042kg Ground 0.0 m/s
Craft-39 Sun 3 10,327kg 18,216.5 Mm 16.18 km/s
Craft-45 Droo 1 30kg Ground 0.0 m/s
New Droo 3 2,008kg 85 km 13.74 km/s


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