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Auto Credit Based on Hylo's Detatchers partially disappear

Okay so basically I built a plane with an ejection seat but when I ejected and landed it, stuff began to get weird:
1: When I switched to first person on the astronaut, it stayed at third person.
2: When I got out of the seat, I spawned horizontally ontop of the chair and fell through the seat and into the ground, where the seat exploded.
If you are a dev, comment here and I'll give you the link to the unlisted craft



Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
A-1510 ''Lightspeed'' Droo 68 53,358kg Ground 0.0 m/s
What Droo 137 42,481kg Ground 0.0 m/s
An Aircraft Carrier Droo 67 5,850kg Ground 0.0 m/s
Adelina Choi Droo 20 106kg Ground 0.0 m/s
An Aircraft Carrier-112 Juno 3 0kg 13,803.4 Mm 13.71 km/s
An Aircraft Carrier-114 Droo 27 0kg Ground 0.0 m/s
An Aircraft Carrier-123 Droo 1 0kg 14,610 km 404.0 m/s
An Aircraft Carrier-124 Droo 1 2.19E+6kg Ground 0.0 m/s
An Aircraft Carrier-125 Droo 25 22,470kg Ground 0.0 m/s
An Aircraft Carrier-127 Droo 8 7,490kg Ground 0.0 m/s
Saon Ulev 9-140 Droo 42 1.35E+5kg 182 km 3.27 km/s
Saon Ulev 9-141 Droo 80 42,053kg 1,230 km 2.47 km/s
auw Droo 252 13,386kg Ground 0.0 m/s
Jagger Ibarra Droo 1 105kg Ground 0.0 m/s
NXF-77 "Narwhal"-147-148 Droo 3 63kg Ground 0.0 m/s

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