Updated Version Available - Tweaked Falcon 9 so that the command pod still has some battery power left upon reaching orbit.

SpaceX's docking simulator is fun, but wouldn't it be great if you could experience the whole trip from launch to docking? Now you can in SimpleRockets 2. This sandbox contains 4 craft: A Falcon 9 with a Crew Dragon Capsule payload, The International Space Station in low Droo orbit (100km), another Crew Dragon Capsule in orbit alongside the ISS ready for docking, and an surprise that I'll leave it to you to find.

Designed for use with the Crew Dragon HUD mod, but no mods are required.

The Flacon 9 on the launch pad has an automated launch and rendezvous flight program. Just target IIS and it will warp to the correct launch time and get you to orbit within a few kilometers (alternately activate the first stage and it will launch immediately to 100km orbit. The Crew Dragon Capsules use Slider 1 to open the docking port cover. All other craft are unscripted.


Thank you to the following users for creating and sharing their crafts:


  • Created On: Mac
  • Game Version: 0.9.404.0
  • Planetary System: Juno System
  • Planets: 6
  • Game Time: 0.0 days


Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
International Space Station Droo 1106 1.63E+5kg 98 km 3.41 km/s
Crew Dragon Capsule Droo 128 12,957kg 98 km 3.41 km/s
Starman Tesla Roadster Droo 207 3,083kg 98 km 3.40 km/s
Launch Pad Falcon 9 - Crew Dragon Capsule Droo 736 5.55E+5kg Ground 0.0 m/s


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    Mod sflanker

    @maciejewsky with the help of google translate:

    O Tesla é um ovo de páscoa do simulador da SpaceX (se você virar a cápsula, verá o Tesla)

    English: "The Tesla is an easter egg from the SpaceX simulator (if you turn the capsule around you see the Tesla)"

    2.8 years ago
  • Profile image

    pq tem um tesla em cima da iss ??

    2.8 years ago
  • Profile image
    8,264 crowxe

    This is cool, and I bet you enjoyed doing it for fun after being hectic and burned out with your recent mods :)

    2.8 years ago
  • Profile image
    Mod sflanker

    @PorkyClown3 huh, it's been working fine for me. I use physics set to high, all graphics settings medium. Kraken?

    2.8 years ago
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    6,211 Pjork

    It just explodes after the 2nd burn

    2.8 years ago


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