Auto Credit Based on PZLAerospace's space probe in Hottera orbit

This is the Terralife Space Station Core. It is where the astronauts and tourests eat, drink, and sleep. Also, the crew is unassinged, but the mission controlers get it into orbit. Also, the crew here talk with the tourests about questions, and how it will develop. The module was desinged my Zysters Aerospace.
This is only the sandbox, the craft will be coming soon.



Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
space probe with rocket Greencoldice 12 15,408kg 115 km 453.0 m/s
space probe with rocket Ncoldice 12 15,408kg 36 km 512.0 m/s
space probe with rocket Nepcoldice 12 15,408kg 35 km 513.0 m/s
space probe with rocket Dwicey 12 15,408kg 34 km 299.0 m/s
space probe with rocket Icwater 12 15,408kg 91 km 1.01 km/s
space probe with rocket Hottera 12 15,408kg 268 km 1.64 km/s
Terralife Space Station-24 Terralife 3 17,310kg 319 km 3.77 km/s
Terralife Space Station Terralife 123 19,143kg 477 km 4.85 km/s

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