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As described here: https://www.simplerockets.com/Feedback/View/wi48aZ/Rocket-Command-Control-issues

  1. EVA astronaut from primary command pod
  2. "Enter" chair on secondary craft w/ Command Chip (connected via docking ports)
  3. Undock secondary craft
  4. Attempt to take control of secondary craft.


Selecting a part on the seconadary craft and hitting the "select command pod" button selects the command chip in the seconary craft, thereby making the "take control" button available.


When you hit the "select command pod" button in selects the command pod on the primary craft.


  • Created On: Mac
  • Game Version: 0.9.404.0
  • Planetary System: Juno System
  • Planets: 6
  • Game Time: 0.0 days


  • VizzyGL by sflanker
    Version 0.1 (5/27/2020 3:02:18 AM)
    View Mod Page


Name Location Part Count Mass Altitude Velocity
Vizzy GL Test Droo 5 7,649kg 124 km 3.39 km/s
Vizzy GL Test Droo 6 2,011kg 124 km 3.39 km/s
Proximity Script Test Droo 55 6,327kg 124 km 3.39 km/s
Proximity Script Test-8 Droo 26 3,912kg 124 km 3.39 km/s
Proximity Script Test Droo 29 3,571kg 124 km 3.39 km/s
Proximity Script Test Droo 54 6,225kg 124 km 3.39 km/s

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