H.M.H.S Britannic

scale accurate(tried making it as historically accurate as possible)

Detail level: Extreme

do not attempt running this craft on mobile(lowest version recomended for mobile)

H.M.H.S. Britannic was the third ship of the Olympic class line of ships. Her construction began in 1911. After the sinking of the Titanic, significant changes were made to the Britannic to enhance the safety features. In 1914, the First World War erupted, and Britannic was commissioned as a hospital ship. Her hull was painted white with green stripes and red crosses, and her funnels were painted bright yellow.The ship was painted and changed this way to prevent torpedo attacks. Throughout the war, Britannic made five successful voyages. In 1916 Britannics luck run out, she was heading towards Saloniki, and in the kea channel she struck a mine. The explosion was massive, and Britannic's safety features could not hold the damage. She sank rapidly, taking about an hour to sink, with the loss of 30 lives. Britannic was destined to be one of the grandest ships afloat, but the conflict brought Britannic into the history books as a hospital ship, for which she mostly known today.

here are other versions of the ship

Medium quality 3799 parts

Low quality 3187 parts


Locations to explore on the ship

click to see in detail


  • the whole ship is steerable
  • sink mode

    • colapsible funnels

  • fireable distress rockets(can fire from bridge by a switch)

Here is how to steer this vessel

Throttle-funnel smoke

You can also steer the ship from the bridge

click these points to take control the ship

I recommend doing that by an astronaut

Activation Groups

1.don't touch
2.distress rockets (8)
3.motorboat launch S
4.motorboat launch P
5.sink mode

recommended settings:

set to low(or lowest), general settings then craft textures to low, and set the water psychics to max

additional notes
  • You can take control of an astronaut on the bridge to explore the walking spaces and the insides of the ship
  • don't activate any stages(don't press space)


  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version:
  • Price: $106,944k
  • Number of Parts: 11744
  • Dimensions: 167 m x 49 m x 496 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 8kN
  • Engines: 16
  • Wet Mass: 1.65E+7kg
  • Dry Mass: 5.11E+6kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 8 0m/s 2kN 1s 1.65E+7kg


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    3,075 qualapungo

    @w2semail i guess its the "Britann" in Britannic that does the job(that is what i think)

    +1 5 days ago
  • Profile image
    6,527 w2semail

    only 13up why?

    6 days ago
  • Profile image
    3,075 qualapungo

    @SimpleplanesRocketguy2079 I'm guessing it's because of the name of the ship

    6 days ago
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    13 upvotes??? Man if anything remotely similar this was on Simple planes it would easily get over 80-100 upvotes for sure!

    6 days ago
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    I have 5 gigs of ram so I can’t run this

    8 days ago
  • Profile image
    3,075 qualapungo

    @qualapungo and i added 8 gigs of ram a couple of years ago

    9 days ago
  • Profile image
    3,075 qualapungo

    @Dghnfdhnb 5 maybe 6 year old office laptop

    9 days ago
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    I Must know……for research purposes

    +1 9 days ago
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    ………What in the NASA supercomputer did you use to make this?

    +1 9 days ago
  • Profile image
    3,075 qualapungo

    @DE britannic struck a mine and sunk, torpedoing a hospital ship was a war crime so not many hospital ships were sunk by a torpedo.

    10 days ago
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    150 DE

    Is it that hospital ship that sunk by torpedoes?

    10 days ago
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    oh lord

    +2 13 days ago


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