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Majapahit Class Is an Indonesian Supercarrier(Fictional)Built in 12 July 1987 and Finished in 16 August 1997.She Had an displacement over 100.000 Tonnes,Length of 436 Meters,Width of 136 Meters,and Height of 127 Meters.Making it one of the Biggest Aircraft Carrier in the world.

The aircraft carrier was built to support the war efforts,especially at the Pacific-Continental war at July 4 2014.This Aircraft Carrier takes 17 years to build due its new design and instalation of a new technology.

Two Ships were built,


This aircraft carrier has a significant role in the Asian war,She's Air Fleet had destroyed almost 2 whole Carrier strike group equal of power.

Due to Port Savajaya Bombardment,The Second ship of this class, Srivijaya,severly damaged and need to be repaired,she only engaged on the Asian war two times before the Bombardment,and she's ready only a month after the war ends.

As the result,the Indonesian government had increased the Radar and Defense system to avoid such bombardment to happen ever again.

For Your Information,Majapahit is an Ancient Kingdom many stories tell that the kingdom Conquered the entire Malay Archipelago,yes

Majapahit Class is also one of the most heavily armed Aircraft Carrier In Asia.She had 8 Anti Aircraft Armaments,Including 6 SAM Battery and CIWS,4 Oerlikon Millenium Guns,12 Harpoon Launchers,and Lots of VLS Cells(Armed with ASSM-101T Devourer Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile).

Armament Screenshots:

VLS And Harpoon Yeeter:


And the Surface To Air Missile Battery:

She has Max speed of 34 Knots,Average maximum speed of an Supercarrier,Had an Average Acceleration for such a ship.The maneuverabillty of this Aircraft carrier is Considerablly Fast,Had an estimated of 4 Unknown Propulsion,With 2 Unknown Nuclear Reactor,which means that this aircraft carrier had an infinite range.

The Air Fleet Capacity is 98 Aircraft,Most of it are Mainly Multirole Aircraft Merso's Dracotai Tallyx,Bought from Merso Company.The Airborne Early Warning Unit For this Aircraft Carrier is still Unknown to public.

Activation Groups:


AG-2,Oerlikon Millenium Gun


AG-4,SAM Battery

AG-5,Blast Shield






How to move this ship(move forward, backward and turn horizontaly):

1.Turn on the translation mode(the rcs won't work if its not turned on).

2.Use forward slider and yaw slider,i Can't fix this problem,sorry.

Sorry for this complexity,but trust me,this is the only way.

Slider Combination:

AG-1+Forward Slider
AG-2+Slider 1-2(H-V)
AG-3+Slider 1-2(H-V)
AG-4+Slider 1-2(H-V)
AG-5+ Slider 2
AG-6+Slider 1
AG-9+Slider 1

Recommended Setings:

1.Physic High

2.lowest graphic as possible,because this abomination of parts will literally burn your phone,like a bread on a toaster.

Known Issues:

1.Too much part.

2.Ship control is too complex.

thats it:v



2. Fachri

This Craft was intended for special Independence day of indonesia,so,Happy independence day Indonesia!🇮🇩🇮🇩

Thanks for your time😁🙏


  • Created On: Windows
  • Game Version: 0.9.801.0
  • Price: $750,850k
  • Number of Parts: 3513
  • Dimensions: 125 m x 139 m x 437 m


  • Total Delta V: 0m/s
  • Total Thrust: 0N
  • Engines: 0
  • Wet Mass: 1.07E+8kg
  • Dry Mass: -36,755,995,502,595,300,000,000kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass


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