This Missile's Technology is obsolete as of 0.914 update

The Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) is an exo-atmospheric missile defense interceptor used for theater ballistic missile defense, it uses a hit-to-kill kinetic kill vehicle to intercept ballistic missiles during the midcourse of their flight path.

Select target and press AG1
Target must be in no less than 200km altitude ballistic trajectory or in orbit.
And give it some lead to target.
Set slow mo to 20x when target is 10 km away (things will happen really really fast).
Set overall graphics to high and make sure physics is on ultra.

Can be used as anti air but it is limited capability.
Can be used as anti satellite.


  • Created On: Android
  • Game Version: 0.9.505.0
  • Price: $974k
  • Number of Parts: 64
  • Dimensions: 7 m x 1 m x 1 m


  • Total Delta V: 26.0km/s
  • Total Thrust: 449kN
  • Engines: 3
  • Wet Mass: 741kg
  • Dry Mass: -1,312kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 1 494m/s 217kN 2s 741kg
2 1 13.7km/s 106kN 13s 661kg
3 1 11.8km/s 127kN 6s 282kg


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  • Profile image

    @Samps0n hey , yeah it was when i started playing juno i made alot of rockets trying to guide them.
    These are old by now and i really don't wanna work on them much more, also I'm not that talented i just improve upon existing designs.
    The tube has an upper stage with a hit to kill section that maneuvers to intercept point.

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    Hey @ tritonaerospace , I just found that you have all these other cool missiles. Do you ever plan on updating any of these varied purposed old sckool missiles? Your really talented, what is in the pipeline?

    4 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Fansdelaguerra03 wow, i didn't think it would work after the recent update were vizzy needs battery power.
    I'm gonna work on this again my missile tech has improved.

    +1 1.6 years ago
  • Profile image

    holy shit this works it's great i was able to simulate intercepting a nuclear warhead technically it was the third try but it worked i didn't think it would work

    1.6 years ago
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    433 IndoCorp

    @ThatoneMArtist , it's very nice and works as it should. actually there are some issues that make it inaccurate and often misses, but I've managed to get around the problem with a few modifications. Good job

    +1 2.4 years ago
  • Profile image

    @Tweedle_Aerospace it is for both.
    Glad it worked, I'm just hoping they add rapid thrusters in the game though it would look very cool

    2.9 years ago
  • Profile image

    It worked!

    2.9 years ago
  • Profile image

    Wait can this get satellites in orbit? Or just sub orbital objects?

    2.9 years ago


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