All specs were taken from technical manuals from Marshal Spaceflight Center and measurements from static displays of real rockets.

Pegasus I

Spacecraft - Apollo BP-16 , Pegasus 1
Launch mass - 15,375 kilograms (33,896 lb)
Start of mission - February 16, 1965, 14:37:03 UTC
Rocket - Saturn I SA-9
Launch site - Cape Kennedy LC-37B

AS-103 was the third orbital flight test of a boilerplate Apollo spacecraft, and the first flight of a Pegasus micrometeroid detection satellite. Also known as SA-9, it was the third operational launch of a two-stage Saturn I launch vehicle.

Apollo boilerplate 16 was used for this mission (BP-16).

The spacecraft remained in orbit until July 10, 1985, when it re-entered the atmosphere and landed in the ocean.

The Saturn I

The first stage was made of some Redstone tanks strapped around a Jupiter tank as there was no alternative for a larger tank. Von Braun was given a tight budget and a short deadline. People called it "clusters last stand" until they saw that it worked then everyone shut up about it. The S-IV stage with its 6 cryogenic RL-10 engines proved that this technology was viable.

This has a guidance Vizzy program so it should insert itself into orbit and deploy the satellite by itself.

SA-9 Launch
Launch of SA-9 and Pegasus I
Pegasus I in hangar
Pegasus 1 being tested.


  • Created On: iOS
  • Game Version: 0.8.402.0
  • Price: $24,823k
  • Number of Parts: 352
  • Dimensions: 52 m x 12 m x 12 m


  • Total Delta V: 5.2km/s
  • Total Thrust: 10.9MN
  • Engines: 27
  • Wet Mass: 3.95E+5kg
  • Dry Mass: 71,837kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
1 9 2.6km/s 7.5MN 82s 3.95E+5kg
2 10 2.5km/s 1.3MN 4.3m 70,797kg
4 0 0m/s 0N 0s 61,292kg


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    I hope there’s a Saturn 1B,C-2,C-3,C-4 and C-5 and C-8 and maybe the Saturn 1 block 1 but we’ll wait for more of these models :)

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    When are you releasing the Saturn IB?

    4.1 years ago
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    Especially fun while re-entering

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    @anjulmusic no prob

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    2,428 anjulmusic

    @Sneezitz thanks!

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    “So everyone shut up” lol I like that, but epic craft.

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    2,428 anjulmusic

    @daylodia it was fun to build. Lots of research! Good thing I live near Marshall Space Flight Center

    4.4 years ago
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    165 daylodia

    I downloaded it. I flew it. I gasped when the fairing opened! Nice!! I gotta fly it again to see that.

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    2,428 anjulmusic

    @MarioG thanks!

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    45.4k MarioG

    very nice :D

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