The Jaguar Warrior is a multirole, military aircraft born from a collaborative effort between the United States and Mexican governments. This ambitious project aimed to address the unique needs of both nations while incorporating advanced technology and cost-effective solutions. The result is a versatile and formidable VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) 5th generation stealth aircraft that combines the best of American and the emerging Mexican aerospace industries.

Design and Appearance

The Jaguar Warrior exhibits a sleek, aerodynamically optimized design, with a focus on minimizing radar cross-section to achieve exceptional stealth capabilities. Its fuselage features clean lines, and angular edges, all contributing to reduced radar visibility.
The Jaguar Warrior is equipped with a VTOL system, allowing it to take off and land vertically, granting it remarkable operational flexibility. This feature is essential for deployment in various terrains, from remote bases to urban environments, making it a truly versatile aircraft.

F/A-26 side view

F/A-26 front view

F/A-26 top view


In this configuration the aircraft features:

  • 4x air-to-air Active Radar-Guided missiles, stored externally on underwing hardpoints
  • 2x close-range air-to-air Infrared missiles, stored externally on underwing hardpoints
  • 4x Precision Laser-Guided Bombs, stored on internal weapon bays


The aircraft is really simple to operate, it features an automated vizzy program for vertical takeoff, missile and bomb launching, simply turn on the respective activation group and the program will do the job!

Activation groups

  • AG 1: Main engine
  • AG 2: Canopy
  • AG 3: Automatic vertical takeoff
  • AG 4: Drop a bomb
  • AG 5: Launch a radar-guided missile
  • AG 6: Launch an infrared missile
  • AG 7: Gyroscope (used for VTOL mode, not recommended for normal flight due battery consumption)
  • AG 8: Landing gear


  • Super cool formation and navigation lights
  • 2x external drop fuel tanks (they will drop automatically when the fuel is depleted)

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  • Created On: Android
  • Game Version:
  • Price: $8,202k
  • Number of Parts: 467
  • Dimensions: 4 m x 11 m x 14 m


  • Total Delta V: 21.5km/s
  • Total Thrust: 253kN
  • Engines: 10
  • Wet Mass: 10,776kg
  • Dry Mass: 6,853kg


Stage Engines Delta V Thrust Burn Mass
2 1 8m/s 6kN 13s 10,667kg
5 0 0m/s 0N 0s 10,376kg
6 2 18m/s 43kN 4s 10,376kg
8 3 21.5km/s 184kN 13.1m 10,011kg


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    4,960 FelixFan1

    Anytime mate, and I respect your dedication and commitment. 😁👍🏻

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    1,260 Brunatzo

    @FelixFan1 Thank you very much, I really appreciate your positive comments!

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    I ain’t gonna lie, this may be the coolest mobile friendly plane I’ve ever seen.

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